Tuesday, 19 March 2013

[VIDEOS] Unbelievable! Shocking Nigerian Porn Movie Trailers Allegedly Approved By Censors Board(18+)

Got this shocking story and was surprise, actually sent in through a reader. The link was sent, I checked it out and I've not recovered from the shock of what I saw.
The link is for a movie trailer 'Room 027' which is a soft porn movie, and more surprising, I recognized two well known Nigerian actors. On following the link, I came across another one Bold5 babes on Industreetmusic.com, and its equally as distasteful and appalling. Didn't even know movies like these were made in this country.

According to the Website:
WOW!!! For a moment, you would like to think you are watching some soft porn flick, only recently we came across trailers of two (yet to be released) Nollywood movies online and I can categorically say that it is a sight to see, in as much as some find it pleasurable, the deplorable state of our movies can not be over-emphasized, ranging from poor camera angles to lack of directing abilities to poor script to below par actors and actresses, even up to the Soundtracks and Titles of most of our movies are nothing to write home about, as if these are not enough problems, they decided to up their game, this time, with the sex scenes, maybe as a result of the influence our Ghanaian brothers got on us.

ROOM 027 is a Nollywood movie set to be released anytime soon if not out, we can authoritatively confirm that it has been approved by the Nigerian Film and Video Censor Board for publishing.
Bold 5 Babes is another provocative nollywood movie also already approved by the film and censor board. one would like to think how much of an unbiased job the “Ogas at the top” are really doing. we were able to get the trailers available for download, download watch and share your thoughts on this, Naija which way?
At this point, I have no words. Still investigating if the Nigerian Film and Video Censor Board truly approved these movies. WARNING, video contains filthy sexual content, Viewer discretion is highly advised.

Download 'Room027' trailer HERE
Download 'Bold5 Babes' trailer HERE

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