Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Omo sexy in Omotola

I love blazers like I love my husband. No matter what you wear, with a hot blazer, nice high-heel shoe and good sunglasses you will make a statement and look edgy.

SHE is not only a fulfilled actress, Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde (a.k.a Omo sexy) aside being a fulfilled actress is a model and a musician. The mother of four and wife of the pilot, Captain Matthew Ekeinde, had her early education at Chrisland Nursery School, Opebi, Lagos, and Oxford Children School, Santos Layout, before going to Command Secondary School, Kaduna for her secondary education.

The Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), Lagos-trained estate management professional began acting in1995 with Venom of Justice and has since featured in other movies, including Mortal Inheritance (1995), which won her awards; Games Women Play, Blood Sisters, All My Life, Last Wedding, My Story, The Woman in Me and others. She shares with DANIEL ANAZIA her first moments

What was the experience like on your first time movie set?
My first movie was Venom of Justice. I thought I was going to be nervous but I was calm; though I was a little bit anxious. I acted like I had been doing it for some time.

First pay cheque
It was N15,000 and it came from a modeling job I did for a malt drink in 1994. I have been modeling before venturing into the movies.

First thing that comes to your mind when dressing
Sexy, which is my image and everybody working with me, as stylist knows that. If they put me in anything that doesn’t make me hot and sexy, they are in trouble. I must be attractive, especially to my husband. I wear what I feel comfortable in and my hubby likes the way I dress. He’s the important one; if he doesn't have a problem with my dressing then I am okay.

Your first choice fashion piece
I love blazers like I love my husband. No matter what you wear, with a hot blazer, nice high-heel shoe and good sunglasses you will make a statement and look edgy.

And your accessory
My sunglasses.

First choice scent
I have always used Flower by Kenzo, but I also love Burberry.

Most expensive fashion item you ever bought
A Rolex wristwatch; I bought it when I turned 19. I can’t really remember the price, but it’s about a N100,000. I bought it like I was buying a land and, funny as it is, I have lost it.

Which is your first love food?
I’m a fan of seafood; I love anything seafood. I love fried rice with nicely prepared prawns or shrimps and a good wine to push it down.

Your first crush on a guy and a kiss
His name was Peter, but I can’t remember his other name. We were both in primary school at the time. My first kiss was a stolen one; the guy just did it and ran away. And if you want to know his name that means you have to wait till cocks start growing teeth.

Your first embarrassment and how did you handle it?
Nothing embarrasses me because I see everything as a challenge. I was once bounced at Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), though I was relatively new in the movie industry then. I told my friend then that I was going to win the award the coming year and it happened, because I worked hard towards it.

First thing you fancy in people
I don’t make up my mind immediately about people when I see or come in contact with them. I think that is one thing that has helped me generally. In life, people react to things in different ways. When I make friends with people I try to know them more to identify the kind of person they are.

Your first car
A fourth grade Tokunbo BMW. You know that kind of car that takes about 30 minutes to start. I knew the car and the car knew me.

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